Monday, January 23, 2006

Then Why'd You Hire Him in the First Place?

The notorious and ubiquitous Japanese director Takashi Miike’s entry for the Showtime anthology series, Masters of Horror, has been yanked from the schedule and will instead be released on DVD uncut. The prolific filmmaker, who has a penchant for disturbing, bizarre, and outright violent subject matter (Audition, MPD Psycho, Visitor Q, Ichi the Killer, among loads of others)—though his latest feature-film is a kid’s movie based on the splendid Yokai Monsters fantasy-horror series from the 1960s—has been given the boot because . . . his entry was disturbing, bizarre, and violent. Go figure. Creator and executive producer Mick Garris (he’s also the director of the execrable Sleepwalkers, and the television mini-series The Stand and The Shining) was quoted in The New York Times as saying Miike’s film for Showtime, entitled Imprint, was “definitely the most disturbing film” he’d ever seen. Well, I should hope so. I’m not the biggest Miike admirer around (though I . . . eh, loved Audition and I enjoyed his entry for the Three Extremes anthology film) but the man definitely knows how to craft grueling, transgressive horror films. What did the folks over at Showtime think they were going to get?

You can read more about the whole ordeal here.

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