Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Fistful of Sushi or: Confessions of a Fellow Asian Film Freak

Jonathan Ross is a British radio/television host and confirmed lover of the strange, wild, weird, and bizarre as it relates to film. Back in the late-1980s he hosted a pretty good Cult Film 101 documentary called The Incredibly Strange Film Show which aired on A & E (I think) here in the U.S. Well, Ross is hosting a new show entitled Jonathan Ross's Asian Invasion next week on BBC4. Unfortunately, I don't live in Britain and I only get BBC America on the ol' digital cable, which I'd wager wont be airing this anytime soon if at all. I love Asian film in all its various and complex permutations, so I got a kick out of this article from the Guardian Unlimited, giving us all a little taste of what Mr Ross will offer up:,4120,1680108,00.html

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